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Producer Kamran Elahian, an Iranian-American entrepreneur, worked with Hanna Elias as a team. Together, they've strived to adopt this multicultural approach, matching an all-Palestinian cast with an Israeli crew to create The Olive Harvest, a film whose universal themes transcend national borders.

The Olive Harvest is one element of a comprehensive effort to foster peace by building personal bridges between Palestinians and Israelis. Kamran and Hanna are also involved with several nonprofit groups that share the same goal. These include Schools Online , OneVoice, and The Gandhi Project.


Kamran Elahian
is a veteran entrepreneur with over 27 years of experience in the high-tech industry. He is currently Chairman of Global Catalyst Partners, a global venture capital fund for investments in communication product companies, which he co-founded in 1999. He also serves as Chairman of ten other companies.

In 1996, Kamran also founded Schools Online, a non-profit public charity organization with the goal of bringing the Internet to every school in the world, and co-founded the Global Catalyst Foundation.

To read more about Kamran Elahian, please visit his website at: www.kamranelahian.com